Koh Phi Phi Ley Lagoon (trekearth.com)


ever watched The Beach (2000)?

what left mark on your mind?

the handsome Leonardo DiCaprio?

weird game-ish ending?


the beautiful lagoon?


i’ve been so in love with beach, sea, and wind. didn’t take long for me to admire the lagoon. it’s so beautiful, almost like “is there really any place that amazing in this world?”


it’s like… too good to be true.

it’s like… dreams come true.


in this case, that lagoon still be my dream. the lagoon still be my too good to be true.


Kulur Ilir Beach, Bangka

Kulur Ilir Beach, Bangka


Ketawai Island, Bangka

Ketawai Island, Bangka


yes, i’ve been there to Kulur Ilir Beach and Ketawai Island. about 4 months ago.

yes, i still remember how comforting and tranquil the beaches were.

yes, they were the most wonderful beach i’ve ever been to.


this afternoon, i happen to coincidentally watched The Beach over cable. i caught in the same awe like the very first time i watched it.


it’s still be my dream.

it’s still be my too good to be true.


somehow, everything i experienced when i was in Ketawai Island and Kulur Ilir beach instantly felt like a dream.

was i really going there?

was i really feeling the water splashed on my feet?

was i really taking those picture by myself?


was it real or not real?


i know that when a too good to be true is true, it’s more than good.

nevertheless, it still felt like a dream…