i finally went to the doctor this morning and asked for a rontgen.

actually my right arm was lot better today. the swelling wasn’t as hurtful as yesterday and i could use my right hand with little difficulty.

but still, i want to know if something was wrong with the bones or not.


and this is the rontgen of my antebrachii dextra

the rontgen


also the rontgen


the rontgen analysis said that:

radius and ulna structures are good

there’s no sign of fracture

negative for soft tissue swelling


overall, it indicates that i’m fine. there’s no abnormality on my radius and ulna.

on the other hand…


we (the doctor, my mom and myself) still don’t know how could it swell and hurt so bad.

the doctor then prescribed 3 meds. one of them is one piece of SUPPOSITORY.



FYI, suppository is the kind of med that you put through your rectum.


it’s – of course – pro renata or only used if needed only. but, once more.


the doctor typed the prescription on computer screen so i wasn’t able to look what she gave to me. dang. i should’ve asked #headbang


so, i just left the suppository in the freezer, God knows when i’ll use it.


anyway, if the pain stay after the medication, the doctor said that perhaps i should check to Orthopedist :/