happy monday!

er… probably i should’ve said, “happy mourn-day”.


it was a mourning day. at least for me.



my right arm.is.killing.me


my swollen right arm


i had no idea what caused this. i didn’t recall of being fallen down, run into a pole, fought a troll…

suddenly, BAM! it hurt. more than a brokenheart hurt even – yeah right.


the problem is, i’ve been surrounded by lots and lots of names of disease. even in Dentistry, we still have to learn some of diseases that can affect the whole body. and by some, i means tons.

second, my favourite serial TV is House MD. there are rare and deadly diseases with no cure and some of them tend to appear all in sudden. on screen, it’s so cool watching Dr House solved all of the cases. in real life? i have no idea.

third, i’m a Lab assistant of Basic Pathology on my faculty. i kinda have to deal with those usual pathological findings. and last time we had a training, we studied about osteoma, chordoma, and osteosarcoma. it’s dangerous.


in this situation where on one side, i know many crazy stuffs; but on other side, i don’t really know what is going on…

gee, paranoia comes to me.


sometimes, in state of being not know is better.


as Dr House said to Thirteen/Dr Remy Hadley in House MD season 4 episode 8 “You Don’t Want to Know”:

“Doctors often try to ignore their symptoms ’cause they think they can’t get sick.”


yeah i’m not a Doctor – and never will be cause i’m going to be a Dentist – but knowing all of those stuff really gives me some sort of paranoia. all i’m able to do is making random guesses. i might strain a muscle (musculus abductor pollicis longus, perhaps). the ulna might dislocated somehow. or something else.


i think i want to have a rontgen tomorrow. wish me okay.