if you predict it’s gonna be about a love post, how i had a broken heart or something, you’re wrong.


you all must know this handsome boy. KIMI RAIKKONEN.

oh boy, how i adore him.

i had this shirt back then when Kimi was still racing for McLaren-Mercedes. it’s black and had Kimi Raikkonen written on the back with tiny Finlandia flag.


last week, i just noticed that…

that shirt’s missing. gone. disappeared.


i went crazy. i cried instantly while opening my wardrobe, the ironing room, my brother’s wardrobe, my parents’, i wreak havoc.

didn’t find it.


i cried til i couldn’t cry. i moan til Moaning Myrtle got fired from Harry Potter. my eyes puffed til i had to wear glasses as camouflage.


where the hell did the shirt go? 😦


then i told my best buddy, arief, about my sadness.. at first he thought that this was a boy thingy. when he IM-ed me on Facebook chat, he actually typed that he’s relieved it wasn’t because of boy thingy hahaha 😀

but, since he had mid-exam, he promised me to have chat at friday night.


but it’s true that i’m really upset.

i can’t buy similar shirt again cause Kimi and McLaren was years and years ago. he is now racing for Lotus.

sigh 😥


however, at friday night arief and i really had the chat he promised and it was insane – as usual. he had work to do, connected to DNS server which had to be repaired in the middle of the night when people actually wouldn’t mind having slow internet connection. but i still consider that arief’s actual work is night-guard-security hahaha 😀


we spent 4 hours only for some absurd chatting. not really absurd, cause he said some pretty good things.



he asked why i never wrote any reviews anymore and..

he told me that i should write movie review more, rather than some melodramatic thingy i recently wrote.

he also explained about that “love is like a fortune cookie


yeah he gave me bunch of love-lecture that night.

he said…


“tapi apapun yang terjadi, pesen aku cuman satu sih, jangan takut mencoba”

whatever happens, one thing from me to remember, don’t be afraid to try.”


“anggap saja itu adalah sebuah kesalahan. semua orang emang pernah berbuat salah, tapi yang penting jangan sampe salah lagi”

consider it was just a mistake. everyone made one, but what important is never do the same mistake, again”


“tau nggak kesalahan kamu apa? you never tell, you never ask. so you will never get”

do you know what your mistake was? you never tell, you never ask. so you will never get”


“kita bukan pembaca pikiran, kalo pengen tau apa isi pikiran nya, ya tanya, ya bilang. makanya, Ga, aku kan pernah bilang… ‘cinta itu seperti fortune cookie’. cinta itu… you’ll never know until you try it. try to tell, or try to ask”

yes, we’re not mind reader. if you want to know what’s on his mind, then ask, then say. that’s why, Ga, as i said before, ‘love is like fortune cookie’. love is… you’ll never know until you try it. try to tell, or try to ask.”




glad to call him as my friend. best one.


last thing he said before i gave up to the sleepy eyes…

“at least, when you give up, akan ada kemungkinan kamu bakal nemu sesuatu. yang setidaknya lebih bagus daripada ‘keep chasing pavements’. yang setidaknya lebih jelas. tapi ingat. ketika ketika kamu menemukan sesuatu itu, jangan sampe mengulang kesalahan yang sama sehingga sesuatu itu jadi chasing pavements juga”

at least, when you give up, there’ll  be big chance you’ll meet something. at least better than ‘keep chasing pavements’. at least it’s clearer. remember, when you finally find that something, do not ever repeat the mistake, or you’ll end up with another chasing pavements.


my respond?

“kamu daftar jadi Peeta, deh. kalau kita nggak sohiban gini mungkin aku udah klepek-klepek hahahaha”

you should audition to be Peeta. if we weren’t bestfriend, i might have been truly falling for you hahaha