have i told you guys that i play piano? yeaaah, not that good, but quite to amuse myself.

i began learning piano in the 4th grade of elementary school. i quit learning piano in the 2nd grade of junior high school. before quitting i joined in several local competitions. they gave me few trophies, never the 1st winner though hahaha. but that’s enough to give me satisfaction 😛

ever since, i search up pop songs that i like that can be played as classic music. like… Mandy Moore‘s Only Hope and Vanessa Carlton‘s Thousand Miles. sometimes i also play the classic songs i learned back then.

somehow, i like dark sounded music. Fur Elise. Gipsy Dance. and songs from Burgmuller op. 100. sometimes when i’m all alone and i play those songs, i think the neighbors would think that i’m having some kind of mysterious voodoo-ish ceremony.

i’d like to upload the 15th song from Burgmuller op.100, entitled Ballade. enjoy 🙂

Ballade, Burgmuller op.100

*sorry for the bad quality, i recorded it by my cell phone 😀