everyone has some things they call as favourite. food, place, music, book, movie, actors… practically everything.

so do i.

i do fancy a lot of things. for some things i like them just fine. for some other, i dare to scream to the top of my lungs! 🙂

anyway, i don’t know if it’s just my imagination, but in my opinion, nowadays people don’t have any good taste anymore. like they would fall for something so superficial over something so damn awesome.

like this

over 145 million people actually watch this

but, just 394,218 people watch this

seriously. watch, listen, and feel. do you really think that the first video is much better until it deserves to be watched hundred of million times?! please, people. like, OPEN YOUR DANG EYES. CLEAN YOUR DANG EARS. UNLOCK YOUR DANG COLD FEELING.

the second video, Walk Over Me by The All-American Rejects is far, FAR better than meaningless, over exposed Boyfriend by Justin Bieber.

also check this out, Feel Again by OneRepublic

It’s been a long time coming since I’ve seen your face

And I’ve never went back trying to replace everything that I’ve had till my feet went numb

Praying like a fool that’s been on a run

Heart still beating but it’s not working

It’s like a million dollar phone that you just can’t ring

I reach out trying to love but I feel nothing

Yeah, my heart is numb

awesome lyric, right? and watch. Ryan Tedder, the frontman, literally puked rainbow on the video! 😀

anyone ever heard of these two bands before?

Hot Chelle Rae – Honestly

Sonohra – There’s A Place for Us (OST. Narnia – The Voyage of the Dawn Treader)

Sonohra – Let Go (Solo Stasera)

-please don’t mind the “action” hehehe-

Sonohra is a band from Italy. you probably should also check out their songs like Love Show, L’Amore, Besos Faciles cause they’re so great!

Hot Chelle Rae is the kinda band you’d wanna jam with, haha! they’re pretty good, they don’t use too much electric, just enough to make the effect, but not that much to make me wanna puke.

i think enough of music. i’d like to move on to… TV Serial. yeah!

House MD

8 Seasons of House MD clearly isn’t enough! House helps me a lot to find my motivation in learning one of my subject in college 🙂


a British TV Serial. Starred by Simon Pegg, my favourite actor. he is genius. he played a lot of movies too. Spaced has the most satisfying ending from all of the serial i’ve ever watched. love it!


anothe British Serial. if you claim that you’re a Sherlockian, screw away those Robert Downey Jr. films cause this serial is more than awesome. look the way Benedict Cumberbatch play as Sherlock, it’s as you see Sherlock himself. no kidding.

Once Upon a Time

if you love fairytale and unique twist of fate, then i’m sure you are going to love this serial. totally cool 🙂

what else… oh yeah, Books! what to show… ah, yeah.


Darren Shan is a British horror author. he has the most perfect plot and twist. his Vampire is completely the awesome one, compared to the recent blinglicious one. the blinglicious one is actually a disrespect to vampire character, really -_-

Darren Shan’s second series is Demonata. i’m speechless. you should read one and you’d understand why i so adore his works! 🙂

Darren Shan the Vampire Saga

Demonata Saga

Wow. i’ve been sharing a lot of things i like. hm… what else i’d like to show…

OH this last one!

most of you must have known FRED FIGGLEHORN, right??!!! 😀


…right? :/

you don’t know? really?

Fred is an… uber-annoying fiction character made by Lucas Cruikshank. he made a channel on YouTube. and this one is one of my favourite episode 😀 oh yeah. prepare to cover your ears.

but now, Lucas has turned into 19-year-old handsome boy! and he is not suitable anymore to play as Fred. too bad actually, he’s hilarious. and Lucas has a new channel named Lucas. here’s the newest video post from him 🙂 *i have dibs on him!

hm… probably one more that i like. my most favourite place.

Beach 🙂

i love beach. i love seeing the mysterious deep blue sea. i love how wind blows my hair – or technically my veil. i love walking on the sands. i love all of the memories i had on each beaches i’ve ever been 🙂

myself on Kulur Ilir Beach, Bangka

well, that’s a wrap! 🙂