stereotype going in this world: girls are that talkative, they can’t stop even a second without talking about anything


personally as a girl, i would object that. but practically…

we do talk a lot.

hopefully not in annoying mean.


however, globally, doesn’t matter whether it’s girls or boys, we talk a lot.

school. home. cafe. via phone. chatting. Twitter. Facebook. what else? Morse code even!


then, ever thinking about ‘what the hell did i just talk about this dang whole day?


nothing but other people.


that’s a fact.

what’s so interesting in arguing the cuteness of kitty cats for 3 hours?

uber cute kitty cats for 5 minutes, the rest, gossiping around about that-one-guy and that-one-girl


that’s the common pattern. unless you can find community or at least a person with so much similarities with you so you two can talk about micro bacteria, tennis, F1, movies, musics, comics and so on for 24-hours non stop.


here comes the truth.

admit it or not, we always talk about people.

either it’s their bad thingy or good thingy.

seems like suddenly we all the fairest judge of all.


here comes the second.

people always tell you what to do.

‘you better do this’ or ‘you should take this’ and else, ignoring the fact that probably you already did all of the stuff they told you to. ignoring that you actually had something better in your mind. ignoring that they’re so disturbing.




but hey, that’s who we are.
that’s exactly what i’m doing.


because… what else are we gonna do?