honestly i don’t know what to name the title for this post, so please ignore…. the title haha!


do you guys know anything about ODONTECTOMY?

yesterday, i just did that operation. as patient.


what? operation?


it’s an operation to extract the impacted third molar.


sounds easy, right?

sounds painless, right?


well, the fact is: it isn’t as easy and painless as it sounds.

it’s kinda hard and heavy to elevate and pull out the impacted tooth

not to mention the incision and suturing inside the mouth is complicated since the area is small.

and the swelling!

wanna know how i look today?


look at the part that my finger points at, that’s the swelling


but not to worry, it will disappear in 3-4 days. normally. haha!

Tamaki Suoh, a character from my fav comic, Ouran High School Host Club, once said that (more or less) experience is everything.

well, i guess that swelling is one extra i got from experiencing being a patient of odontectomy. cause who knows, next year i might be the one who do the operation 😉