selama perjalanan KKN kemarin di Bangka, ada cukup banyak waktu dilewati dengan mengamati keadaan sekeliling.

jalanan berpasir dan licin.

lautan luas tak bertepi.

wajah-wajah baru dengan sejuta karakter.

dan banyak hal lainnya yang tak sanggup ditangkap lewat lensa kamera, hanya sempat terlintas dalam benak melalui kata-kata. dan tersimpan di drafts ponsel.


mungkin sebelum hilang, dan sebagai back-up kalau-kalau nanti dibutuhkan ketika akan menulis cerita baru maupun melanjutkan cerita yang lama… inilah kumpulan kata dan kalimat yang ada 🙂


you love sea but you don't have much time to visit. you have lots of emotions but you can't show them.


gloomy day. gray clouds above accompany us along this trip. all the way to the garden, i could see the beach and the sea.
sea. the only monotone thing that i love. don't really know why. probably because under it's monotonous, it has some kind of mystery. and i can't resist mysterious things. YOU are mysterious. YOU share a resemblance with sea. perhaps that what makes you look attractive to me. it always does.


when you find opposite sex that shares a lot of resemblance with you, there are 2 possibilities: two are meant to be together cause your similarities are more than amount of ants in the whole world
or two would bore to death cause you already know yourself and don't need another you in your life.


there's no goodbye as long as you consider there isn't one. because there is no one.


there's a dolphin on my chest. it swings by on my every movements. every bow, every nod, every blink. but it's lonely cause only myself can feel and touch it.
the dancing dolphin
in the end, the dolphin still dances alone...