guess what?




yuhuuu, done visiting Bangka for my KKN thingy, arrived at home yesterday around 11 pm.




totally NO.


i feel like i’m already missing everyone on the team.



remember about my words before going to Bangka like this? –> “i wish i had one or two more days before leaving jogja because someone kinda promise me something after final exam”


yeah, something bad happened in the middle of KKN. to me. not to that someone.


i felt like i knew it all along.

i felt like i knew i would lose that someone if i could not make that ‘something’ happened.

i felt like i knew it was a ‘now-or-never’ kind of deal.

and God chose never.

so all i got was a broken heart and confusion.

more of confusion really. well, with a mixture of a bit broken heart. but still, it’s a broken heart. it still hurts.


game of love is not the typical game i could predict. not like football. racing. tennis.

game of love is definitely not my area.


well, i’m not going to keep this any longer, so i call an ending. i’ll stop any tricks, any attention, basically anything.


i’m moving to this challenge. God knows the ending.