when was the last time i posted something on this blog?

oh apparently just few days ago, hahaha, seems like forever between in these tests.

everything seemed surreal. like i don’t know whether the final exams were real or not.

anyway, after really absurd 9 days exams, tomorrow will be the last! yay! *firecrackers popping*

actually it’s popping cause it’s 4th of July. #duh

that means.

this 6th semester is soon gonna be o-v-e-r. God, you know how hard this semester was. and it’s gonna be a lot harder when i open the academic portal to check my marks. dang.

after this final exam, and i do mean, literallyafter this exam, like the next day, i’m gonna leave this town for a little while doing a practical lesson. here in Indonesia we call it KKN (Kuliah Kerja Nyata). yeaaah consider it as social service, but it’s not a punishment, more of… obligation.

and i’m going to go to Bangka! sounds tempting, right? as tempting as it sounds, it’s kinda terrifying too.

actually, i do hope i had some spare times, one or two days after the final exams end cause someone kinda promise me something after the exams done.

yeah. that just sucks.

cause i reaaaalllyyyy am looking forward to it.

hahaha. yeah, whatever. fate has spoken.

so, probably there’d be no words from me for a while – like a month and 2 weeks or more, or maybe less. God knows.

one thing for sure.

every ending is just a beginning of something new 🙂