gomenasai everybody, i’ve been away for quite long, long, looong time .__.

one explanation: broken laptop

and the laptop guy said it’s the motherboard.

i was so screwed. no laptop means not able doing tasks and homework. no laptop means no movies. no laptop means no chatting.

can you feel how tortured i was??

and now… it doesn’t mean my laptop’s been OK. i ‘borrow’ my father’s old laptop. not my favourite, it’s windows vista. however, i can’t complain. i still lost LOTS of data. and movies. and songs. aaaargh.

actually there are so many things i wanna share, but if i have to choose, i’d rather sleep than do any other things. recently my energy evaporates very quickly.

ah one thing. tomorrow i’m going to watch this movie with my lil bro, and FYI this movie will be the very first movie i watch this year hahaha. what movie? surely THE AVENGERS, duh! πŸ˜€

what’s the very first CD i bought this year? The All-American Rejects‘ Kids in the Street πŸ˜‰ kinda different with The All-American Rejects i knew, but it’s still worth it πŸ™‚

ah yes.

if any, and i said ANY of you guys know how or where i can get HOT CHELLE RAE albums, please, please, PLEEAASSSEEEE do tell me. okay? their music are so far one of the best! if it’s possible, around Yogyakarta.

hm… kinda glad we’ve passed April. because being in the end of April felt so hard for me. yeah, Iceman thingy. don’t ask why or what. *his birthday, now shut up!

well, this post became longer than i thought. time to wrap it.