i found this chocolate on my drawer!

who might give it to me? kyaaaa >_<


hell yeah, i bought it few days ago, and i put it in my drawer. DUH!


truth to be told, i’m a kinda person who doesn’t excited about this V-day thingy. unless there’s a huge chocolate sale, then yeah, count me in. but apparently… they cost chocolate just as the same. too bad really. i love chocolate so much.


so, how is everybody?


i’m surviving.

but i feel like i’m gonna hit my head on a wall to relief burden in my mind.

too much to think @.@

and every thought has no easy AND simple solution.

just like The Prestige movie, when Christian Bale‘s twins – he’s playing two roles as twins there – had to cut his finger just to make sure they really do look alike. it’s a simple solution, but it’s not easy at all.


umm, yeah, i had this thought yesterday.

have you guys ever heard this saying? –> “opposites attract”.

so it’s like a magnet, north and south pole are attracting each other. but that saying is directed to human relationship instead of magnet relationship.

another DUH.


but then i thought.

i’m a contradictory person.

contradictory already means opposite.

so, what is the opposite of opposite?



just something unimportant to think but somehow i think of it too 😛

if someone want to argue this, please do, i’d love to know your opinion 😉