sometimes we do generalize some things.

make it into some kind of stereotype.

just to ease us to make a point of view.


but you know what?

that sucks.

the way people think all of us are this but actually some of us aren’t.

that really, really, really sucks.


some generalization i actually found this evening:


not all that precious is gold and diamond.

not all that heart-breaking is ex-boy/girlfriend.

and not all bad people are burglars and thieves.


certainly people who don’t have friends wouldn’t realize that in most occasion, best friends are more precious that gold and diamond.


only shallow bunch of people though that relationships are everything. do you guys know that you’re exaggerating? yes, i know that falling in love is amazing and heart-breaking is terrible. but you live in this wonderful world not just to taste that bittersweet thing. there are more.


aaand, of course burglars and thieves are bad people. they suffer people. but hey, for every unfairness you get/got from around you, don’t you think that whoever do/does/did it is /are bad people?


those are just some thoughts. i think i ever wrote that i get to keep writing to keep myself sane.


ciao, i’ll write something better next time.

i’ll see you when i see you, then 🙂