if i were to describe how my life for the past 2 weeks, i would simply say




i kinda like the way i had the mid-term tests. mostly the tests were started a bit late, about 8 or 9 in the morning. and after that we could go home with no lab work responsibilities.


however i hate the way i rushed to read and try to understand the text books. i don’t know, memorizing 7 Harry Potter books was A LOT easier. SO MUCH DANG easier.


anyway, last night and today were the lowest point of my health status of these 2 weeks. i had uber low blood pressure, until it feels like my head’s flying without wings (this is what i tweeted this evening), my sight’s blurring, and my focus is running away.


i walked limply, i breathed heavily, and i feel like i have to hold on to something to stand still.


err okay that was a bit exaggeration. hahaha


yeah anyway it’s just another unimportant stuff that i just have to put out just to keep me sane.


too much ‘just’, isn’t it?


yeah anyway, i’m exhausted to death, so, ciao.