loving you is like whacking mosquito

not a usual mosquito

a particular one which still flies around and around when the others are already dead and swept out of my room


i chase the mosquito to the right of the room, it turns to the left

i jump up almost to touch the ceiling, it nosedives like making a landing

when i’m focusing on grasping the mosquito, it’s away to somewhere out of even Google Map

when i’m resting almost like i want to give up, it approaches me like teasing and mocking


that’s why i say

loving you is like whacking mosquito

i don’t know you are playing hard to get, or simply just busy doing something else

i don’t know if it’s me who’s not trying enough, or you’re that passing through too fast


loving you is like whacking mosquito

feeling desperate





i’m looking forward to it

how i finally feel when i got the mosquito in my bare hands

would i feel happy?


would i feel sorry?