who ever said that broken heart is… nothing?


sometimes, or maybe usually, putting hope high is the biggest mistake we do.

our hope keep soaring, and soaring. suddenly, someday when we’re unconscious, that hope drops us painfully.


one crazy thing about girls is…

girls read everything boys do to them. exaggerate them. every little thing.

it’s like whatever boys do, that has meaning.


when girls get any random text message from boys

when boys say ‘hi’

when boys tease girls…

most girls tend to think, “does this mean that he likes me?”


those things make girls confused. girls love being treated like that, but girls hate guessing is that a ‘clue’ or nothing.


once we already fall painfully because of this too-high-hope, i don’t think we can put hope on the same height on different person.


anyway, friend of mine said, “usually, couple that are meant to be together have similar faces”

she mentioned some names, like Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie.

if we look through, we’d catch a glimpse that they two look alike.




i think that’s when people got everything mixed up.


it’s because they’re already together and build matching chemistry between them, THEN we could say that they look alike.


if our fate is easily picked by the faces similarity, i could end up now with Jamie Bell, duh.


but then, does love really work out THAT easily?

i don’t think so.