oh my gosh i can’t believe finally this day came 😀


i was kinda happy, kinda worry…

happy that i’m still living well until now. worry that i’m… “that age” now.

no longer TEENager. woot woot. you must know what i worry about :s


anyway, thanks for the felicitation 🙂

from text, Facebook, Twitter, phone… thank you very much 😀

i even got a call from my little brother who’s in dorm out of town. wow.

may God bless all of you and grant your wishes for me. heh heh heh 😀


i still have two and half more hours until the day turns into october fifth. and i have to admit something.


i’m still waiting for someone’s felicitation. hm… i guess you know who hahaha. i’m so pathetic still hoping he remembers this date.

well, i’d make this as a promise.

if, until the very end of the day, he still hadn’t said anything about this…

i’d totally forget everything about him.

promise 🙂


okay, last time.

thank you very much everyone 🙂