the most common reason we hear about a ruined relationship probably is…


“you’ve changed”


and it’s said while the girl has tears coming down on her face, or the boy said it angrily and then left, full of disappointment.


at first, i though that is ridiculous! i mean, what is wrong about changing? is there any law forbidding people to change?




if i never experienced such things, i’d still say so.


however, recently i realize how fatal “you’ve changed” sentence is.


not all change is good. like, all things have two sides. what we say wrong, others would say right. vice versa.


in my experience, i wouldn’t leave just because the changing isn’t like what i wanted. i can adapt to that.

i would directly leave if the changing makes the person into someone that i never knew. like, with the changing, the person is turning into someone new.


if it keeps continuing, all we’d do is comparing the old and the new characters of that person.

then we’ll be cracked.

and so nothing we could say but…


“you’ve changed”