Yakitate!! Japan

Image via Wikipedia, that's the main character, Azuma Kazuma

recently i just downloaded LOTS episode of this anime –> Yakitate! Japan. first impression after i watched anime which was broadcasted like 4 years ago was all of the characters were awfully over reacted! in hilarious way, of course 😀


Yakitate! Japan also gave so many information about bread and nutrition. what’s unique about this anime is they frequently made puns in Japanese. i know that making pun isn’t easy, so Yakitate! Japan’s creator must be really clever and creative – or maybe the creator’s just silly 😛


anyway, i like that anime a lot 😉 i adore Kawachi Kyousuke and Kanmuri Shigeru. aaaw >.<


intending to make a pun, i chose to pick “car-a-okay” as title. why? heh heh, here goes.


yesterday was the first day of college activity. to fill some pare time, my friends and i planned on spending 2 hours in karaoke room. we went there by Gita’s white car which was packed by 6 girls. thanks a lot, Gita 😀


i have to admit, that Gita drove quite crazily. i know that she’s a fast motorcycle driver, but i have no idea that she is too in car. with her mini car, she boosted the car then interjected between other huge cars! wow, i must say, she is b-r-a-v-e!


i realize that i already am able to drive car, but to equalize Gita‘s ability… long way to go, but i know i’m gonna be like her. someday 😛


but too bad, when we got there, the room wasn’t ready yet, and we were in situation where we didn’t have much time to wait.


so, we postponed it until today.


we had INSANELY FUN 2 hours there.


Reina sang a quite mellow song from Indonesian band, Sheila on 7, Seberapa Pantas, and then she and Sari did duet on Lady Gaga’s Telephone. we forced Luky to sing her favourite Indonesian band, Ada Band but instead, she sang Marcell’s with Sari. while Gita chose Javanese song from Didi Kempot, titled Sewu Kuto.


and i’m REMARKABLY sorry for the terrible voice i made for imitating Demi Lovato‘s high voice in Here We Go Again and her duet with Selena Gomez, One and the Same. i hope i didn’t break your ear drum, guys he he he 😀


well, surely we didn’t just sing those. we sang plenty more like:

Aladdin’s theme song, A Whole New World which was quite weird;

Justin Bieber‘s Baby and Eenie Meenie – it’s really just for fun!;

Wake Up Call – Maroon5, we were shrieking watching this video clip, Maroon5 always made such ‘sexy’ videos!;

Paramore’s that’s Reina and Gita’s fav;

Soledad from Westlife, Gita and i were questioning about whether Nicky and Kian aren’t mad for not being let sing more; aaaaaand

Indonesia phenomenal boy band, SM*SH, hahahaha 😀


i couldn’t remember what else, but right now i feel so exhausted! hahahaha


to end this post… so, do you guys know now why i typed “car-a-okey”? 😀