Boys Like Girls feat. Taylor Swift. Two is Better than One

“i remember what you wore on the first day.

you came into my life and i though,

‘Hey, you know, this could be something’.”


no. actually i don’t remember what you wore on the first day we met.

truthfully, i don’t even recognize that it was you.

i didn’t know your name.

i didn’t know who you were.

i didn’t even waste a glance just to see you from top to toe.


a silly missed call on the recess of 2nd grade of high school

it was probably the very first time we had contact

and it was you who made the first move by giving me a silly missed call

and in the night i texted you with many emoticon =P and you didn’t even know what that meant.

you thought that was read as ‘equal P’ since you were and still are and i’m sure will, always be the most genius person i’ve ever known.




i’ve always admired number 7 and so proud of using it.

in return, you used number 10 and shortened your name to match that fictional cartoon character.



am i wrong to keep falling for something or someone that’s out of my reach?

i’ve tried so dang hard to forget but still…

i fall.


and again.


may be this is what Severus Snape felt for falling for Lily Evans.

and it hurts.