i know it’s very late.
but for you who already read Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps should’ve known that us women can’t keep what’s on our mind, we need to get it out, come what may.

and this is exactly what i’m doing.

today i made some kind of enormous mistake by watching both The Adjustment Bureau and old A Walk to Remember.

right now, i feel like my stomach is doing somersalut, my brain’s spinning around, and… else.

weird, isn’t it? yeah, i know it is.

it seems like from what i watched (and, i guess, i learnt) from those movies is…

everyone only needs ONE exact person to be with forever after.

David Norris kept doing the same routine and hoping for 3 years that he would meet Elise someday since he believed that Elise was the one for him.

Landon Carter ignored all his friends to guard Jamie and married her event he knew that Jamie would die sooner or later.

i realize that those are just movie.

but they must have been written based on experiences.

Taylor Swift couldn’t write ‘Forever and Always’ if she didn’t get dumped by Joe Jonas over phone for 29 seconds.

how could Rascall Flatts produce ‘What Hurts The Most’ if one of them hadn’t experienced it?

see, it’s back to what i’m thinking.

everyone only needs ONE exact person to be with forever after.

he/she doesn’t have to be perfect.

he/she just has to be exact.