okay, to start with, i spent about a week having nice holiday with my whole family. dad, mom, brother, and myself πŸ™‚

this vacation started on 25 June 2011 when we went back home to Malang πŸ˜‰

this is the view of Tawangmangu. there was SO COLD! we made a stop by because a lot of people selling strawberries in the curb. the strawberries looked very attractive, haha! so we bought 2 baskets.

on Tawangmangu, there was a little accident. i threw up. embarrassing, yeah. i have no idea why i became so easily feel nausea on trip.

and then, we continued the trip and we had lunch in this small place. from the name, i know i’m nearly home πŸ™‚

i ate Belut Goreng (fried eel). sounds bit disgusting, but actually they’re really, really good!

and at the evening, we reached Malang. we had some rest that night πŸ™‚

okay, the next day, at noon i went to one of Malang’s mall, MOG, to see a friend. usualΒ  thing, a lot of chit chat πŸ™‚

THEN, the night. there was an F1 Race held on Valencia. we wanted to see it badly! but all of sudden, at 6 pm, there was a blackout! quite panicked, so we chose to had dinner first and wishing this blackout could end immediately. and that were our dinner!

another delicious fried eel, different version, though πŸ˜› what i like about this place that sell the fried eel is they got really, really good chili. we ate in the dark, just got some light from an emergency lamp. and then, 5 minutes before the start of the Valencia race….

THE LIGHT BACK ON. thank God!!!

the next morning, i went swimming to the pool next to my house πŸ˜€

this is my most favourite pool! it’s quiet, so clearly blue, and of course, near my home! πŸ™‚ ah i love swimming there. always looking forward to swim there everytime i’m home!

finally, last day in my home. i couldn’t get in touch to many friends because i only had short time there. BUT, i didn’t forget to capture my puffy, comfy, friendly bed πŸ˜€ it’s still as puffy as i remembered, as comfy as before i left, as friendly as i usually shed my tears there :’)

one thing i love sleeping in it is: even my blanket is so thick, i didn’t wake up sweating all around. and one more: NO MOSQUITOES. ah i love, love, love my room there.

so that, 28 June 2011 we all headed back to Yogyakarta, really early, at about 6 am because we planned to make pit stop on Surabaya first. we arrived on Surabaya at 9 am, and parked in a Mall called Galaxy Mall.

you know what? i guess we were the FIRST family who came there that early to actually shop, not to work or sweep. yeah, we 4 were the first visitors there!

see, they all are still dark!!

my mom was walking in the hallway. dark.

i was even able to capture a silly photo in front of the Mall’s elevator πŸ˜›

so that, we decided to have coffee. yeah, took a lot of courage to ask the waiters whether they were already open or not.

we finished (window)shopping at 12.30 pm, and we had lunch at this place:

Sate Klopo (coconut satay) they served was amazingly good and authentically unique. my brother had 2 portions of it, haha!

it’s like usual satay, chicken i guess, but they cover it with coconut sprinkle. very, good taste, honest.

after that we had loooooong way to go to get to Yogyakarta. oh, we made a quick stop at Solo to have dinner. we had Nasi Liwet.

this is how Nasi Liwet Telor looks like. well, i don’t know hoe to translate Nasi Liwet into English, though. sorry πŸ˜›


that’s the place we enjoyed our dinner πŸ˜‰


that’s the old-fat lady who owns the place πŸ˜€


okay, trip Malang-Yogyakarta, done! buuut, we had one other trip. toooo BEACH!!!


we went to 2 beaches last Saturday. Depok and Parangtritis beach πŸ™‚ we had so much fun there!

i always wonder what it feels like shouting towards the sea, out loud til i lose my voice. well, i haven’t done it, too much people there. they’ll think i’m insane πŸ˜›


this is Depok beach. strong wind, strong waves, and extremely beautiful! oh, one more, in Depok, we can buy and eat fresh fish. on low prices!



guess what? they even sell SHARK. yes, that’s right. SHARK.


after having nice lunch there, we next went to Parangtritis beach. actually, in my opinion, the beach is just so-so. the wind’s too strong, and the white sand is too light. so that the sand could easily get into eyes and that hurts!


because of the sand is easily movedΒ  by the flow of the wind, it forms sand dune and groove like in the dessert.


well, instead of enjoying the sea, we did jump shoot, using my cell phone. FYI, i don’t really like SLR, and… i can’t afford it hahahaha πŸ˜€ anyway, i’m satisfied enough by the result i took.


well, that’s it, my family holiday πŸ˜€