what time was it when i’m writing this? it’s 12.40 am.


i know, i should’ve gone to bed or had some shut eye since it’s a final exam week and tomorrow’s just the second day of it. but i feel like i have to write something just to drag my past posting down. yeah, i know i can easily delete it but somehow i don’t want to. contradictory, yes it’s me, always.


how’s my first exam? it’s among blown way and tumbling down. horrible, really.


and last weekend is the most disappointing weekend i’ve ever had.


so many plans that didn’t work out, so many hopes that didn’t come true, and so on…


well, other than that, i’m quite glad that this semester is almost over. however, it’s just one of so much journeys. one down, so many to go.


i realize that this is not a good posting but i kinda have to write to keep me sane.


well, wish me luck. LOL. –> it stands for Lots Of Luck instead of Laughing Out Loud 😉