been raining all day, been sitting near the windows and think

what time is it but why does rain still pour down… stink

grab a black hoodie, walking under the rain seems relaxing

i don’t care that i’ll get wet, better than die boring

empty park, sure it’s raining! but it’s exactly what i need

took a swing, imagine that i had wings

i’d be free, i’d no boundaries, and i’d be yelling

no matter it’s you or me or anybody else

first swing is incredible

second swing is beautiful

third swing is flat expression

the rest swings are sickening

put me down, i’m fed up with that play

and just tell me where i actually am

hold my head high, black clouds still won’t go away

close these eyes, feel each drops on my face

i begin questioning when will sky stop being sad

and when will i be brave to shout out