who likes to read?

i’m guessing most of people who read this must like reading.

wait, let me add something.

who likes reading JOURNAL? plus, a MEDICAL one?

first expression heard when my lecturers asked to do a report using some journals were, “arrrrgh!”

seriously, reading journals is painful and hurting.

by the way, i don’t know which one hurts more:

reading bunch of journals alone


trusting my group to do it and make the resume.

like i said before, it’s painful reading journals.

but trusting the others to make resume is just as painful since some just did copy-paste whole journal into translator and… done.

truth be told, if you know how to read journal, it’s not that hard.

i rarely read the results. i only read introduction and result. but when i feel like i missed something, only then i read the discussion.

yeah, just take what world gives us and don’t complain.