according to my laptop clock, it’s 10:48 AM

wrong, completely wrong cause according to my cell phone’s clock, it’s 10:51 PM

i was playing this real time game, so even you shut your PC off the game is still going on and on and on, and if you ignore it, all of your plants and people are dead. the game name is Virtual Villagers, they already made them 2 editions. so, because i don’t have that much patient, i change my laptop’s time just to fast forward the game and i completely forgot to notice the AM-PM rule.

well, i’ll change it later.

#wasplaying Why is Love So Hard to Find, Jesse McCartney

yeah, i really, really love Jesse McCartney. his song WAS cute. his song IS kinda different, more mature and more himself.

i guess Jesse has the same perspective like Miley Cyrus. they don’t want to sing or make songs what people want. they want to show who they really are. they want to say that change is good.

#waswatching Hannah Montana the Movie, 2009

talking about Miley Cyrus wouldn’t be too far from her alter-ego, Hannah Montana. well, Hannah Montana WAS her alter-ego since Miley has chosen to keep Hannah as her past. PS. just watch last episode of Hannah Montana Forever if you don’t get it.

my favourite quote from that movie – maybe like everybody else does:

life’s a climb. but the view is great.

couldn’t more agree 🙂

#wasdrinking 7up

it’s the second soda i drank this week. few days ago i bought Pepsi Blue.

well, gotta say that soda tastes better when it’s cold. and it’s getting better when you add one or two ice-cubes.

honestly, whenever i drink cold, cold soda, i always think, “maybe this is how people drink beer or wine or champagne…”

i’m not allowed to drink alcohol. no, not the 70% alcohol, people shouldn’t even taste it. i mean, alcohol drink like i mentioned before. beer and its crony. so that by drinking cold soda i imagine that would be similar. hahahaha 😀

you all have permission to laugh out loud.

anyway, i know that drinking too much soda isn’t good for our health. but… hey i can’t help it. at least, not right now. i’ll try to avoid drinking it for the next week since i still have root-beer after this 7up.

#beenwanting The Accidental Billionaires.

yep, that book about Mark Zuckerberg that’s basing movie The Social Network. i found it today when i was browsing in the bookstore but gosh, i really need to save up before grabbing it from the bookshelf. not that it’s too expensive, it’s just it’s out of my budget for this month.

#beencrazyabout The Click Five and Kyle Patrick

wow, April 30th 2011 was spectacular. not that the person i WAS in love having birthday, it’s crazy because KYLE PATRICK, the vocalist of THE CLICK FIVE, that international band, actually followed my Twitter!

this is no kidding.

i didn’t trust my Yahoo!Mail when it’s telling that Kyle Patrick is following me. but HE IS!!! wow. wow. woooow!

#beenhandling leaky roof in my studying room

my house now is an old one. when my parents bought it, it’s quite horrible. they had to renovate this house before we all really moved in. and apparently, one leak on my room is the tough one. since these two days sky wouldn’t stop crying, i had to handle it’s leak at 2 AM. lucky i hadn’t been asleep.

overall… it was all just about me this weekend. sorry for wasting your time 😛