bonsoir šŸ˜€

long time no posting, right? well, not that i’m busy or something else, but i really don’t know what to share.

sometimes, some issues are better to keep for me myself.

so, here i am, supposed to resume a medical journal, but i just got back from Dunkin’ Donuts, using my 50% discount on premium beverages and what i got is – i don’t know the name but it’s likeĀ  – dark choco milkshake but you substitute the ice cream with whipped cream.

man, i know i couldĀ  not use the 50% discount and saves the money, but I COULDN’T HELP IT!!! i am sooo weak on discount, free stuff and sale.

anyway… how’s Prince William and Kate Middleton? they’re on news every time. morning, afternoon, evening, night…

whew, i wonder if i were Kate or Prince William i would really, really, feel disturbed.

i mean, like the medias don’t have other things to talk about. they even mention about Prince William who is getting bald. is that really important? pfht…

any-other-way, i found my old cassettes in a drawer, and i’m quite surprised how many they are. yes, i loved collecting cassettes. and i really would love to continue it, but unfortunately – i don’t know if any of you realize this – no cassettes sold in music store anymore.

once i noticed this, i was like, “what? WHAT?”

i know, i know, compared to mp4 or even iPod, or other music players, collecting cassettes is complicated. it’s big, it’s tape easily damaged, and else.

however, it is CHEAPER than a CD. waaaay cheaper, and i love the word cheap as much as i love the word sale.

i don’t think this is already the time for cassette to extinct like phonograph record. wait, let me rephrase this.

i don’t even think that cassette should extinct.