i feel my life was so much happier before i know Friendster, Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, et cetera.


i start thinking that internet’s supposed to be just Google, Yahoo, iMDB… and other search engines.


my point is, the social networks disturb my peacefulness.


i used to concentrate in studying. now? i can’t live without Opera Mini open.


i used to confront problems with my ex-enemies directly. she shouted, i shouted. right now, i’m facing a ‘cold-war-through-social-network’.


furthermore, i used to WRITE not typing. i had diary. black pages diary, i wrote it with cute sparkling pens instead of typing 140 characters with standard font. i can’t even put heart over the i’s.


it’s simple actually, the solutions. just deactivate them. ALL.




yes, a stink evil word but.


but i want to win quizzes they hold on Twitter.


i want to raise highest karma on Plurk.


i want to keep those photographs on Facebook.


oooooooooooooooooooooooooh shoot.


that movie, The Social Network tagline is:

you don’t get to 500 million friends without making few enemies.


but hey, look at me now. i even barely keep my old friends, but the enemies keep coming.


at this point, i hate you all, social networks. i hate you mark zuckerberg. i hate you whoever you are who invented twitter, plurk, and all.