not that i obsessed so i tell everybody about this movie, but i feel that this Thai movie is awesome πŸ™‚


well, i cried a lot, surely. so here goes some pics and lines since a picture is worth a thousand words…


valentine’s day

Shone gave rose to Nam, and said "Here. It's from a friend of mine."

at the dam

Nam : Do you want to eat Squid?

Shone : Have you heard of the squid’s story?

Nam : No

Shone : I will tell you. Once upon a time there were two squids, they had traveled till they met each other, then, they fell in love. They became a couple. Finally they got married. On the day of marriage Squid priest told them to hold hands. So, they held each other hands, held the hands, held hands, held hands, held hands, held hand… I kinda don’t want to eat them. I’ve never eaten squids for so long since I heard this story.


then Nam fell and Top gave her piggy-back-riding.


Top made Shone promise that he will not hit on Nam

Top : I beg you one thing, Shone. No matter what you won’t hit on Nam?

Shone : Do you think that the reason she broke up with you is me?

Top : No. It’s just unbearable that my best friend be with the girl I love


Nam’s confession and the truth

Nam : I have something to tell you. I like you very much. been loving for 3 years. I’ve done everything. changed myself in every aspects because of you. Nam applied for a classical dancer club, played a stage drama, be a drum major, be better at studying… It’s for you. But I know for now that the thing that I should do the most, and should have done since a long time ago is telling you straightly that….. I love you

but it turns out to be that Shone had already been Pin’s girlfriend for a week. Nam ran out and cried.


Shone’s diary

Shone : “Touched her hand for the first time. But I had to release it cause others would curious”

I gave the rose to Nam. i said it was from my friend. it’s because i am tight lipped

when Nam fell on dam and Top gave her piggy-back-riding, this is what Shone really felt…

“Me too, wanted you to ride on my back…”


Can you hear that..?
my heart… is telling you I love you
But I can not reveal my true feeling to anyone
Can you hear that….?
My heart… Is still waiting there for you to open
Can only hope you will know it
That I’m the one here to love you
I’m begging you please know it
Some day…