i’m enjoying watching movie 🙂

i used to be a passive watcher, but from some times ago i’m turning into an amateur movie critic. hahaha not having any plans to turn pro anyway 😀

from all genres, i find that horor isn’t really my fav. i can’t stand watching SAW, but i’m still liking Final Destination. well, i’m a picky amateur movie critic LOL

recently, i’m kinda in melancholy mood, so that i watched drama more than usual. i know i’m gonna cry if i watch drama, but that crying part is what i need.

do you guys know that crying does help us to feel a bit relax when a stress hits us?

Scientifically, tears release hormone like prostaglandins blah blah blah yeah you don’t wanna know it, but in short, it throws our stress away.

why do i want to cry? how can i dare to have puffy eyes?

because lately i notice that my sense of loving has been turned off since i’m trapped in the past and i just couldn’t seem to move on.

usually, in some movies i watched, the actress would cry and drink alcohol, then get drunk and she was saved by a cute guy. In the end, they’re getting married.

Oh, i wish my life would be that simple and happy ending!

but it wouldn’t be.

i didn’t cry.

i’m not allowed to taste alcohol.

since i don’t drink i will not get drunk.

so that i will never be saved by a cute guy.


there is another story.

the actress didn’t cry. she stood in front of her door, taking all the photos and memories and dropping them into the garbage, and she started a new life.

and that’s the way i’m going to live my life next.

I realize that this guy i liked will always be remembered, but i will not make him disturb my present and future things cause he’s in the past.