The logo for Earth Hour

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wow i didn’t think that it’s actually the 60th earth hour.


well, last year i didn’t really do this thingy cause i had to organize an event. but this year, count me in.


and i admit, doing pure Earth Hour is HARD.


i really wanted to turn off all the lamp and electricity, but it’s impossible. if i live in my own house with just myself in it, yea it’s as easy as saying “let’s do the Earth Hour!”


but i had to face this. i’m living in with my parents. we live in a neighborhood where it will totally look weird if our house is in total black while it’s not blackout condition.


beside that reason, in my opinion saying that Earth Hour is impossible, we have hospital, hotel, resto, which would say no loudly to turn off their lamps. plus, in Indonesia, they set football match to be held at night which means, they need gazillion lamps to be turned on.


my dad said that actually Earth Hour is pointless. it’s just a celebration. a symbol.


yeah, i think so too.


if we people really want to save our earth, we actually do not need such thing like Earth Hour. we spontaneously will turn off at least 2 bulbs every night. no need command, we will stop using unnecessary electronics.


but i guess we people need something to remind us, right? that’s why Earth Hour exists.


well, i hope, and i really do, all of us, human race, will continue to cut off usage of electricity. moreover, less pollution, more recycle, less plastics, more trees and plants, and less earth destroyers.


a small leap could bring huge change.