i love writing.

i’m not sure if my writings are good enough but i just love it.

i’m not that optimist that people will read my writings but i’ll try my best.

thus, when i make a fiction, i’ll pick up good names and to have good names, i have story behind them 🙂

i’m gonna tell you 3 names which i think have the best memory.

in FlipSide, i have a family named The Ballads. they had 2 children. they were Kendra Ballad and Liebe. Liebe had a friend, his name’s Dave.

i picked Liebe from German, like in ich liebe dich. but it’s pronounced leebee. why German?


well, because my ex was pro in German. Liebe kind of reminding me that once i was in love with him. and…. his name was David and i made it short into Dave.


while Kendra, it’s taken from my high school friend. he was actually one reason why now i’m in Dentistry. we were texting talking about college when we were at 10th grade. he mentioned Dentistry since his older brother went to Dentistry. and – i don’t know if he remembered – we were kind of promising each other to meet again in Dentistry in a university. but in fact, now i’m not in the university we talked about, and he chose to enter Medical instead of Dentistry.


however, he is such a good friend 🙂 so that i put his last name, Kendra, to be Liebe’s older brother.


well, actually there’s so much things i want to put into words. but i’ll try to put it tomorrow since my lab report still needs last touch 😛