i love going to book store. i like spending some times just standing in front of book shelves and just looking at their covers and reading the resume on the back of the books and cursing that i don’t have enough money to buy them. damn, so many books, not so much money.


and believe it or not, i even look on the dictionary section. i wonder how thick they are. however, i was a bit surprised when i opened one of them – the thickest one.


in the middle of that dictionary, i found some colorful pages, contains list of colors.


in Indonesian dictionary, there are no list of colors. we just know red,

blue, yellow; but not like vermilion, azure, mikado yellow. and you might not gonna trust this, but Indonesian doesn’t have brown. yeah, please be surprised.


it took half an hour for me to trace those pages until my sight blurred enough. however, yes, i’m quite amazed that the foreigner has so much vocabulary even in colors.


talking about colors, it reminds me about this movie. Matt Damon is the main role. it’s about war. guess what?

Green Zone (film)
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yes, Green Zone.


hahahaha i know, i know, the only thing that relates with color is the word green 😀 but still it’s one of those colors, right?


why is it named Green Zone? since the invasion of Iraq by US-led forces, and the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003, the area of central Baghdad used by the coalition and civilian authorities, subject to high security, and as i know it’s neutral.


usually, as a mediator, someone should be as neutral as possible. and this mediator is needed everywhere, not only in the middle of war or political things.


consider that this mediator is the green zone. in the green zone, we should feel free to talk about everything and need no worry because the green zone would never take a side. the green zone would mediate the conflicts.




what if the green zone begins to take side? like, oh i don’t know may be the green zone is turning into the jade zone or the clover zone or may be even the viridian zone?


all of them are gradation of green, but still, they are different from the essential green, which means the green is not neutral anymore.


man, nowadays, it’s hard to seek after a real green zone. in the end, the green zone is going to choose in which side it prefers.


a bit disappointing, really, cause in my case, the-used-to-be-green-zone spread so much rumors about the one i call a-kiss-up-person, but now the green zone is making buddy-buddy relation with the kiss-up-person. hypocrite!!! hahahaha


afterall, it teaches me something.


do not really trust what someone says about other cause they might make their own coalition.