if i could remark special date and make it a national day off, it’s gonna be today. not because i was extremely happy. it’s because i was totally upset.


right now, what i’m feeling is kind of sad til i want to cry and kind of angry til i want to throw away all the things on my desk and kind of disappointed too til i want to drown myself into chocolate and chips.


when i woke up and opened my eyes, i wish that this monday would be great. well, just fine is more than enough. BUT morning rain ruined it all.


because of morning rain, my parents didn’t allow me to ride to school. HELLOOOOOOOOOO i’m not 7 anymore, mom, dad. a little rain wouldn’t kill myself! i really wanted to say that but  i guess no matter what i said, they – my dad mostly – just wouldn’t hear and still would insist to drop me with their car. i’m so desperate! i don’t want to be labeled as a spoiled-daddy-little-girl.


they always tell me to be independent but i think by the way they treated me this morning, they don’t.


few weeks ago, my bestfriend, Tasha, came over to my city, but i couldn’t spend more times with her and suddenly one day after her birthday, she already had to go home. shit, and i couldn’t even hug her goodbye.


and the responsibility, being in charge to handle this thing, i already told you, you picked a wrong person! not the whole class even in there when the election was held! and then you just kept complaining about i didn’t tell you what i did, and this and that… oh sux. get lost, you’re so annoying!


not to mention the kiss-up girl that i’ve been hating since the first time i met her. i’ve never met someone so tricky like her in my entire life. wearing mask just pretending that she cared in front of some important people, and when they resigned, she left and just didn’t care. a little suggestion for you, stop having double personalities, like you’re a schizophrenic, pfffffffffff


and hey, is that MY fault that you weren’t able to sign up because you skipped class and didn’t get the form?! so that you’re acting cold to me?! ah, forget it, you’re just as sux as the kiss-up person. next time, behave like you revolve around the world, not the world revolves around you!


what? i’m stressed out?




i’m tired being treated like a child.


i hate those kind of people.


i desperately want to cry.