recently, since i changed the internet connection from cable to wireless, i could leave my laptop whole night just to finish downloading some stuffs. stuffs like musics or movies which take some times.


talking about movies AND musics, lately i adore one person named Jay Chou. man, he is amazing. actor, musician, pianist, director, co-writer…. not to mention that he is desperately handsome and cool.


it actually quite late that i just fancy him these weeks cause Jay Chou has been famous from about 1990s. however, better late than never, right? so i kinda stalk him, looking his info from iMDB and googling about his trivia. in fact, i already have one movie he played but i didn’t really pay attention to him, it’s The Curse of the Golden Flower. colossal movie that is. really great.


and then, i downloaded 2 more Jay Chou’s movies, Secret and Initial D (Tau Man Ji D). gotta say, guys, when i’m determined to do something, i’ll do it with all my life hahahaha quite hyperbolic, yes, i know 😀


anyway, i often cry while watching movie. moreover drama movie. well, i think it’s kind of stereotype that girls cry a lot, isn’t it?


but hey, in Secret and Initial D, Jay Chou as the main actor cried because he lost his girlfriend.


i saw boys feel sad and their expression changed. but rarely to boys cry.


i can’t even remember the last time i saw my father or my brother cried.


hey you boys, do you guys really cry when you lost your girlfriend or just girls who do that?


or you guys just pretend to be strong in front of us girls?


or is it because of another stereotype that ‘boys do not cry’ so you guys choose to not cry?