i remember once my best friend namely Siska, but i prefer to call her Cezca, said to me in the middle of our fun conversation before i left Malang.


“sometimes when i see spider on the wall, i kind of hope it will bite me and then i’d turn into Spider…girl.”


yeah, that’s exactly how Peter Parker turned into a powerful Spiderman. unfortunately, it’s not usual for us to find radiated spider in our environment, right?


speaking of Spiderman, the first one more specifically, i bet all of you know this quote.


With great power comes great responsibility.


that was said by Peter’s uncle right before he died and right after Peter knew that he had super power.


Peter noticed that, since he literally did have great power. but unfortunately, many of other ‘powerful men’ out there don’t.


how many times do we see that people are blinded because they have great power?


they forget what the next words are. they only care about having great power and use it while they can but ignoring being responsible with it. most of them try their best to reach out the great power but then after they get it, they forget.


and there are some other people who once get the great power, they don’t want to lose it. they want to have it all forever.  because they’re afraid that without the power they will not survive. because they had been used to have the power. because they don’t want other people taste the bittersweet having the power.


such a huge ego, right?


i don’t really know what’s happening with politic in my country. but i guess it has something to do with the ‘great power’ thing. from my side, everything goes wrong lately.


a leader wants to change rules to keep him in charge until he’s dead. another leader doesn’t want to resign even he has been demonstrated by a lot of citizens.


i really, really, really have no idea if some kind of this thing also happens in other country or is it just in here.


however, recently i’m dealing with some responsibilities i just got and i’m already afraid if i can’t handle these well. i mean, i have no great power, i’m just a girl with ordinary habits and interests.


well i guess, the quote is kind of reversed to me.


with great responsibilities come great power to deal it 🙂