admit it. nobody likes being trapped, or tied up, or stucked up.


today i spent about 3 hours separately watching 2 different movies but accidentally almost had similar stories. what are they?


127 Hours and Buried.


same reaction i got for both of those movies.


i screamed, i held my breath, and i ended up with a Claustrophobia.


what is Claustrophobia? it’s a fear of closed place. usually a closed, small place.


just like Ryan Reynolds as Paul Conroy, buried in a wooden coffin where he couldn’t change his body position because of a limit space.


or James Franco as Aron Ralston who was hit by a limestone and the stone locked his right arm.


man, i’m thankful for every single boring-ordinary-but-safe routine i deal with every day. let say that the most dangerous thing i’ve ever done is riding motorcycle on speed over 60 km/hours. well actually, by cooking for the whole family, it already risks everyone’s lives.


those movies forced me to think. what if i replaced their position where i had to cut off my own arm with dull-made-in-china multitool, or given hope that i was going to be saved but then the survivor said that they’re reaching the wrong person that’s not me?


freaking me out. seriously.


P.S. instead of terrifying story, 127 Hours and Buried are geniuses.