i’m never sure what’s my life gonna be.

seeing what i’m doing now, probably i’m gonna open up a clinic and being a good dentist.

thinking about how talkative i am, i might sign up being a lecturer.

hearing that my voice is pretty fair, who knows a label might interest to raise me.

or, knowing that i love writing, maybe i’m gonna be the next jk rowling.

i can’t see future. i’m not a psychic. i’m not a witch. i don’t have crystal ball.

even if i were able to see future, it still depends on what’s the person’s decision. for example, i see me, sitting on a pizza hut with full tummy. doesn’t mean that i’m full because of eating pizza. i might choose to eat cream soup either.

life is full of choice. yeah, no one denies it. neither do i.

if i can choose how my life’s gonna be, i’m gonna pick up an option of being editor and author. in europe.

i might say few times “let it flow”.

but recently i realize that the words “let it flow” means that we can’t decide what we want to do, what we want to say, what we want to choose.

i’m a free person. i have my own right to let myself make my own thing. i have feet which are capable of taking me somewhere i desire. i have eyes to see dazzling moments until i cry.

in other word, i’m gonna change my facebook profile, delete the words “let it flow” from my favorite quotes cause now it means nothing to me.

yeah, i’m babbling about random things again, aren’t i? haha, i guess it’s sort of habit when i’m in the middle of a thought or melancholy mood.

melancholy? did i mention ‘melancholy’? okay, i admit it. it’s about being in love with someone and you thought that someone loved you too, but it turned out that apparently that someone had other someone that is not you and you prefer to stand back cause you loved that someone too much so all you want is to watch that someone happy even though you’re not and can’t let that someone go easily.

confused? so am i.

i know, i know, things like love is never gonna be easy to predict cause it’s unpredictable. yeah, obviously.

well, clouds are blackening, i have to move the clothes otherwise i’m gonna have to wash it over again.