you might find this useless to read so i warn you before you go further, this is just another bullshit about my study-life. if you don’t want to read an unstable-19-years-old-girl-story, please close the window, and i thank you all for the misdirection hahahaha

SO, i just passed ONE DAMN day of final term exam and my brain’s already melted into…

gosh who knows?

maybe if you guys watched Spongebob, you’d memorize one episode when Spongebob pretended to be a wizard and curse Squidward then he thought that Squidward was turning into pistachio ice cream.

well, my brain is pretty much like that melted pistachio ice cream.

man, that’s horrible, isn’t it? whew

anyway, of you guys are thinking like, “aga is going to have another exams, why is she still blogging?”…

i know, i know. i’m also thinking about that.


how can you think when you don’t have brain left? i mean, mine had already melted! shoot, anybody sells extra brain?

well, please admit it, sometimes we think it’d be great if we can replace our brain with another brain. probably with Einstein’s. hey, he was genius, who doesn’t want his brain?

but in fact, even tough we think we’ve used our brain a lot, there are still gazillion space left inside. we just don’t know how to trigger it to save things more.

back then, i wonder what did i save up to my brain instead of…

Jonas Brothers, Shia LaBeouf, Kimi Raikkonen, Novak Djokovic, OneRepublic…

man, no wonder i didn’t quite remember what my lecturers said!

almost midnight. for pairs of eyes which continue reading this posting – if you could say that this is – i thank you very much. feeling useless? i told you so.