this might be the very first time i make such things as ‘resolutions’.

sounds bit late, but some people say it’s better late than never, right? haha there’s always a good excuse for such thing like this 😀

i used to be a 45-kilograms-girl, but early this year i figured out that now i’m already a 48-kilograms-girl. my mom and few friends said that i’m too skinny if i stay in 45 kg. so may be along this year i’ll focus on 48 and try as hard not to across 50.

gosh that means i need some new pairs of trousers and jeans (-,-)”

i remember back then when i was at 12 grade i wrote a novel, and me think it’s pretty awesome. how i made a timeline of incidents which each one and another had relation and all made one conclusion in the end of story. thanks for that novel, now i’m dreaming to have 3-twin-boys. i wonder… could that even happen? 😕 hahaha

yeah, no matter how many children i’ll have, the main thing is, i want to have a new writing projects in 2011. i have a lot of ideas, but it’s always stucked up. may the ideas remain still and i’ll put them on papers with my name as the author 🙂

from january 3rd i’m gonna have final term exam, and i’m FREAKING OUT. shoot, there are too much too read! well, i’ll blame myself for half of the freaking-thing because i wasn’t studying well for this semester. and i promise i’ll change that habit in 4th semester since i want to keep up my scholarship. i know i’m pretty good at this, but if we stay the same everyday, it means useless right?

and last but not least – since these are so far i got – i’m going to give up my obsession to Iceman. well, it’s not like i’m THAT obsessed with Iceman, it’s just i just realize and fully awake that…


i think it’s enough. for now.

i mean, maybe i’ll always like him, but for now, i need to find a ‘real’ beautiful soul that i can reach 😉

hm, what a good positive thought.

so, what’s your resolutions guys? lemme know 😉