hey it seems most of my posting always talk about two different things, doesn’t it?

hm, i like comparing things. it makes me easier to express something.




rather than explaining with bare hands, i’d grab a pen and draw an unshaped lines, or jumping around the classroom and do a weird simulation.

and i don’t take people say, “whoa, aga, you’re so freak.”

i’d be apreciate more if you subtitute the word ‘freak’ with ‘unique’, really.

sorry for the selfishness πŸ˜‰

i’m a talkative girl. yeah, i realize that. totally true. and maybe this action often makes me know people easily. i usually ask new people some things and mostly talk about my favourite things, and suddenly they reply as much as i did. well, must say that’s not working everytime, but, yeaa that’s helpful.

yet, i won’t talk deeper to a person i just know compare to an acquaintance.

hey, i just know you, and i already told you that i’m owing a huge money? no way, uh-uh, not even a chance.

hey, we just met, and i already know that you get bad mood easily? how come, i’m not a psychic.

strangely, here’s a condition.

there are a K person and us.

we just consider K as a person we know, but K considers us an acquaintance.

that’s possible, right?

apparently, K has been watching us all year long (or more), and we never notice that.

if we’re having a chat, K will predict what we’re going to say, but not us. and when he angrily said, “it seems like you don’t know me well.” hey, that is totally true!

‘just know’ and ‘acquaintance’has wide ravine.

from the outside, it seems like we’re close to someone, but in fact, we just know him/her. it turns out spontaneously we can’t trust a secret to a person that we just know. we can’t share our feeling. we’re not comfortable being around him/her. more dead silence than laughter.

sometimes, our frined’d ask, “do you know P?”

if P just someone we know, we’ll say, “just know the face.”

but if we know P well, “oh, yeah, great man, P, is. smart, cool, got all good things inside.”

then, what’s the point?

nothing, just want to share πŸ™‚ LMFAO

see ya, people. got anatomy lab work tomorrow about larynx and pharynx and i haven’t touched the manual. at all. oh pity me.

i guess i have to try hard to acquaint with it, instead of just know it πŸ˜‰