my dad once said, someone’s intelligence can be measured by how well he/she made metaphors.


from beginning, we used to learn popular metaphors in elementary school. what we (used to) know was, if we want to express this kind of situation, then the match metaphor must be that one.


for example, if we, Indonesian want to express that we are wishing for something that is totally impossible to get, we say,


bagai pungguk merindukan bulan”


or if i translate it in English,


as a tailless monkey reaches out a moon


well, i’m not sure what’s the real metaphor English use, but in Indonesia, we use that phrase.


through all tests, the daily ones, the mid-term ones, even the national exams, all we know, the right answer is that one. teachers never let us make something unusual.


maybe that’s why our creativity is limited. because we were never been able to express what we actually felt. we were taught lessons dogmatically.


well, i wish by the time, this kind of system could change.


talking about metaphor, two days ago, i was out to catch Step Up 3D with my friend, Inggiet. anyway, that’s a good movie 🙂 i can’t stop dancing LOL


while we were waiting for the movie, we grabbed a bite at one small cafe nearby the cinema. then i told her, that i was in a dilemma.


a teenage dilemma, for sure. yeah, what else beside love trouble?


i started the chatting with “somebody is seeing me, approaching me. in the same time, i know a secret about iceman.”


she knew that i had a feeling for one of my high school friend that i gave him alias ‘iceman’. without realizing that the code is broken, one of iceman’s friend told me,


“are you sure you want to let him go? he already made a promise to his parents that he won’t going out with anybody before he gets job.”


by the way he said it, it sounds like actually, iceman has a same feeling to me. but unfortunately, in this kind of thing, in love thing, everything seems implicit. we never really know just by guessing and predicting.


love isn’t such thing as weather.


oh boy, if it were predictable like weather and had a machine to do it, i’d be really glad.


then Inggiet said, “you should tell iceman the truth. there’s no harm being honest.”


you guys know what? i realize that it’s always good being honest. in whatever we do. but still, i’m afraid.


i’m no afraid telling what feel. i’m afraid that the result is different from what i hope.


for example, you broke someone’s window. when you admit it, then you just admit it. words come out from your mouth. but then you shake, and you’re scared of what the owner might do to you. will he/she get mad at you and punch you, or worse, call a police and put you in jail?


see? major different.


after a 1-minute-silence, i said. “you know, may be i could do other thing while i’m waiting.”


inggiet rolled her eyes. “well, then in that case, you’re playing with a heart of boy who really likes you. and that’s pretty bad.”


“i know. i feel guilty.”


“yes, if you do that, you should.”


and another silence.


and i said. quite sure, this time.


“you know a dot? how do we make a dot?

we get a dot when at least two lines are crossed each other.

consider that those two lines are myself and a boy who destined to be with me, whoever he is.

no matter how far we are, if we converge, even just a tiny angle, then in time we’ll meet.

so, what i got to do now is just live the life and let my line crosses someone’s line.

how does it sound?”


inggiet gave me a smile. we both knew that ‘a dot’ is a nice metaphor for my case.