everytime you hold head high to the night sky, what do you see?


sure, it’s night. no sun. just a dark blue carpet, covers us and show some peace and fright at the same time.


so sad. these days, it’s damn hard to stare at them. blame light pollution, we humans turn on lights too many from what we should need. the feedback is we couldn’t enjoy stars view as pretty as it was.

and moon.

which one is more beautiful? the full one, or the crescent one?

well, moon, mostly, has a unique attraction.

full moon, is one magic phenomenon. don’t you feel something peace, something… different – i can hardly express it through words – every time it appears on the sky?

once when i was a kid, my family went on night road trip to my granny’s house. i still remember how i kept my eyes on that circle-outer space-object through window which was felt like following my car. all the way, until i fell asleep and let my daddy drive alone.

and now, again, i go out the house, sit in the bench and still look above. always looking for moon, surrounded by blinking stars.

then again, i have something’s turning around inside my brain.

how does it look like ‘there’?

by ‘there’ i mean space, far away from earth atmosphere. where no air is available, where….

hey, honestly, i don’t even know anything about ‘there’!

well, who knows, maybe there is actually a Silver Surfer like in Fantastic Four movie.

maybe there are a colony of four or six-handed aliens like in Aliens In The Attic.

or maybe, there are nothing but floating rocks.

now, talking about reality instead of wondering what i might meet ‘there’.

i’m taking Dentistry in college, which means, later i’m going to be a Dentist.

but man, truthfully, deep inside my heart, everytime i do the ritual of holding head up to the night sky, i’m talking to myself.

“why didn’t you keep your dream as an astronaut?!”