friendship is like flame;

when you’re cold, it warms you up;

but when you’re playing with it too much, it’ll turn into dangerous one which could turn you into barbecue.

friendship is like a compilation songs;

some cheers you up, some others brought up past memory and you end up in flood of tears.

friendship is like an orange;

you’ll taste sour and sweet in the same fruit.

friendship is like ballet;

it’s hard to keep you body balance;

but once you’ve gathered, all will look beautiful.

friendship is like 70%-discount-clothes;

to get one, you’ll have to struggle;

but then you’ll satisfy having it.

friendship is like gambling;

bet and pay some money;

if you win, you’ll get a great profit, but if you lose, then you have to prepare to lose every single thing.

friendship is like war;

if you fight and beaten up, you’ll need to follow what your opponent wants;

but if you win, you gotta be so wise asking your opponent if you don’t want to turn him/her into your eternal enemy.

friendship is like picking rose;

to get the pretty crowns, sometimes you must bleed because of its thorns.

friendship is like…

illness before happiness…

but then you feel the pain, and you’re trying to get back to the status quo where everything looks alright.

you have to sacrifice yourself.

you have to taste heartache.

you have to lose, you have to keep it inside.

yes, i guess friendship is a paradox.