seriously guys, if you still want to queue for Eclipse, please i’m begging you, DON’T.

let me tell you a waaaay better movie entitled…

Knight and Day

combination of Tom Cruise as Roy Miller and Cameron Diaz as June Havens were amazing! this is a comedy one but with gun fight and a bit romance. truly refreshing 😀

here i give you all the trailer and few hilarious lines if you still doubt of it and prefer to watch that vampire things.

Knight and Day

Milner: [from trailer] On the count of 3. Ready? 1…
[June runs around madly while she is shot at wildly]
June Havens: Sorry! I panicked!
Milner: What number would you like?
June Havens: Three. Yeah, let’s just stick with three. It’s good.
Milner: Okay…


Milner: [from trailer] Some people are gonna come looking for you now.
June Havens: Why?
Milner: They’ll tell you I’m mentally unstable and violent and dangerous and it will all sound very convincing.
June Havens: I’m already convinced.

so… leave the super-long-lines, and ask a person in front of the ticket box to buy you tickets like what i did when my friends and i watched the movie. trust me. you won’t be disappointed.