i open my eyes, i try to see but i’m blinded by the white light
i can’t remember how, i can’t remember why i’m lying here tonight…

just 2 lines of Simple Plan’s song entitled Untitled.

actually i don’t know exactly why i’m typing another posting today but i guess this is just a revenge since i didn’t write anything since… i’m not sure but i think a week ago.

hey guys, have you ever felt that you weren’t belong to a place?

have you ever sat on the edge of your bed and thought, ‘what the hell am i doing? why am i doing this?’

honestly, i have. and i do that many times.

i’m a bit doubt but for the past 1 year, i’ve been feeling like i’m living in a dream. in a fantasy. my fantasy.

“i couldn’t possibly be here. i’m gonna wake up soon. the alarm’s gonna ring and when i open my eyes, i’m in my 2nd-floored-room, with mountainous view, and cold weather. exactly at the time i’m preparing for high school examination”

but then an enormous hammer called FACT hits me.

i am a college girl.

i am now not a high-school-student anymore.

i am now dealing with lecturers, not teachers.

i am forced to think what my life is for real instead of what it should be.

i am not a child anymore. soon i’m gonna leave teenage part and step into a more frightened part.

i have to deal with it.

probably it’s not what destiny means.

this is just a path that i have to live by until i’m found by the real destiny.

yes, i believe that no matter how we hide, no matter how we run, destiny will always be there to catch us.