well, this post might be started by a totally scientific title. but let me tell you before you read further.

it’s not about biology.

it’s not about histology.

it’s not about any lesson that’s possible in your mind.

it’s simply a narration about how exhausted my brain is.

yep, from the outside you might see me in a sharp condition. i talked like usual, i walked by two feet, i tied up my converse well…

i’m all good. physically.


thank goodness i’m sane but i’m exhausted.

i know my cerebrum’s exhausted from how slow i swallow what my friends said about the radiography thing.

i realize my cerebellum’s sweating from times i felt like i slipped all the way through the laboratory corridor.

and the main indicator is : ALL I THINK ABOUT IS HOLIDAY.

man, it’s sickening.

if brain had mouth, it had thrown out saliva vomit already.

ugh, poor brain 😦