as we grow up, as we get maturer, we will not understand one thing more.

what’s that?


i can say that cause i’m not sure what kind of person i really am.

i mean,  i do love cheering people around me, but when i’m mad, i believe Godzilla was nothing. and they just couldn’t understand that actually, i can be angry too.

so many friends only consider me as a fully-happy personal. often, after working on a test or practical lab, i made joke about what i did. for example,

“gee, i’m gonna miss that skull in anatomy lab. wish i could hug it tonight.”

what was the fact? i couldn’t answer the pretest. at all. i screwed up. i was crashed and burned. i was stressed out.

but hey, still, friends keep saying, “you must have done that well.”

hey, fellas, please know this.

just because you see a smile on my face, it doesn’t mean i’m not crying inside.

just because i’m cheering you up, doesn’t mean i don’t need to be cheered up once.

i’m not asking my close friends to always know what to do to me. i just want you to understand that i’m not that simple as happy all-the-time.